Residential Tiki Huts and Tiki Bars in Miami

Residential Tiki Huts & Tiki Bars in Miami

Our customized Tiki Huts are ideal for any residential home in Miami for the use of anything our clients desire, whether that may be as backyard umbrellas, poolside bars, etc.

Our Palm and Palapa Huts, or in other words Tiki Huts and Tiki Bars, are all custom built on the site by the most skillful and leading tiki builders in the South. Here in Miami, we hand peel our Cypress, which is unattainable for other companies. We are 100% committed in giving our customers the best quality of craftsmanship with competitive cost.

Every tiki hut is a hands-on job, where we always see through the process from preconstruction to completion. The highest quality wood is used to build our huts, bars, poles and framework for its durability and endurance. Our competitors use pine, which only recollects moisture and rots quickly or machine peeled cypress that leaves splinter , holes and marks on the wood. With our thatches securely positioned, we can guarantee you resistance from any windstorm or hurricane because our posts are wrapped for protection and the huts are assembled using timberlok screws for maximum wind resistance.

Also, our thatch is less than two inches apart to ensure a maximum life spam on the roof, another thing that sets us apart from the rest is our builders have over 20 year experience and not only build, but also we thatch the hut unlike other companies that subcontract the jobs and leave you waiting for a thatching crew to finish your hut.

We take pride in our results of building the best huts on the market. All of our Tiki Huts and Tiki Bars are built with pressure treated wood or freshly cut Cypress, which is almost impossible for others to get. Also, we work with different types of synthetic and fire rated thatch materials to give you roofs that have a 20-year warrantee and can last up to 50 years. We are experts in transforming your backyard into a paradise of your very own. Relax by your pool under one of our palapa huts and watch us bring the caribbean to you!

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