Tiki & Chickee Huts

Tiki Hut and Tiki Bar Builders in Florida

Chickee & Tiki Hut Builders in Florida

At Native American Tiki Palm Huts, crafting both Tiki and Chickee Huts is our specialty. With years of expertise and a deep understanding of traditional construction techniques, we excel in bringing these iconic structures to life. Whether you envision the rustic charm of a Chickee Hut or the tropical allure of a Tiki Hut in Florida, we have the skill and craftsmanship to make it a reality.

Tiki Hut:

A Tiki Hut is a traditional Polynesian-inspired outdoor structure typically constructed with natural materials such as bamboo, thatch, and palm leaves. These huts are known for their distinctive tropical appearance, characterized by a thatched roof supported by sturdy wooden poles. Tiki Huts often feature an open-air design, providing a shaded retreat perfect for lounging and entertaining. They are popular additions to backyard spaces, beaches, resorts, and tropical-themed establishments, offering a cozy and exotic atmosphere reminiscent of island paradises.

Chickee Hut:

A Chickee Hut, on the other hand, is a Native American-style shelter traditionally used by the Seminole and Miccosukee tribes of Florida. Chickee Huts are typically constructed with cypress logs and palmetto thatch, offering a sturdy and weather-resistant structure. Unlike Tiki Huts, Chickee Huts have a raised platform floor and a palmetto thatched roof supported by a framework of cypress poles. These huts were historically used for shelter from the elements, as well as for social gatherings and ceremonies. Today, Chickee Huts are popular for their rustic charm and are often utilized as outdoor living spaces, shaded seating areas, and decorative accents in both residential and commercial settings.

Our Seminole Exemption from the Florida Building Code

As proud members of the Seminole Tribe, we benefit from the Seminole Exemption within the Florida building codes. This exemption allows us to construct Chickee huts without the need for permits or strict adherence to certain building regulations, provided that the structure does not include electrical, plumbing, or concrete features